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Auto Paint

We offer in-house painting services at DJ Mac Panel & Paint that are better than most other auto body repair shops. With our heated downdraft spray booth, once the paint is applied, it is there to stay. By using its heated airflow technology, paints are quickly baked onto your car, which speeds up turnaround and ultimately gets the vehicle back to you faster.

Since paints can fade over time, we will scan your vehicle and match the exact shade of your car when brought to us. With our new mixing room, we avoid dust particle contamination and create a beautiful colour combination that makes your car look like new.

This system also filters all possible contaminants in the air, prior to releasing them outside. These filters are changed on a regular basis to ensure the released air is clean. Everything we do at DJ Mac is considerate of the impact we leave on our community, city, and planet. We value sustainability and being a good neighbour to those around us.

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